Eating Habits for Weight Loss

The only way to succeed with long term weight loss is to make sure you follow good eating habits. Unfortunately, there are so many dos and don'ts out there when it comes to eating that it can be hard to figure out which to follow. Here's a look at some weight-loss advice and better alternatives.

No Eating After 7 pm

You've probably often heard that anyone wanting to lose weight should not eat after seven in the evening. There is some truth. If you're tempted to sit on the couch all evening and munch on fattening foods like chips and ice cream, then yes, you will gain weight very quickly. But there are no studies that back up the theory that a modest evening snack will cause an active person eating a reasonable amount of healthy food daily to gain weight.

With the average person's hectic life, sometimes it's impractical to insist that no one eat past 7 pm. Each person has a different lifestyle and it's more effective to plan your eating schedule according to your lifestyle. People who exercise after work or spend a lot of time with their children's extracurricular activities may find that they need more fuel later in the day. Those who find that they spend their evenings watching television and eating mindlessly may want to eat a bigger lunch, lighter dinner and brush their teeth early to resist the urge to eat more.

Banish Fat

It's not necessarily fat itself that causes you to gain weight. Plus, foods labeled as low fat or fat free aren't necessarily healthier because they tend to have higher sugar content to make them taste better. Your body also needs fat to function, so it's important to make sure you have some fat in your diet. The goal is to make sure to eat healthy fats (olive oil, fish, nuts, avocado) instead of unhealthy fats (lard, some dairy products, butter). Don't eliminate fat; just limit the amount of fat and the choice of fat to the high quality kind.

Consume Lots of Soup

Soup itself doesn't help you lose weight. And often if it won't leave you feeling full if it's the only thing you're eating, which can ultimately tempt you to eat more. But if you choose a healthy, hearty soup that's broth-based or thickened with pureed vegetables, then you can make sure your body gets enough nutrients and still feel satisfied. Avoid the soups thickened with creams and milk and ones with oil or fat on top. Don't use soup as your only food, but chose it as a light meal with whole-grain bread or wheat crackers.


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