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Although summertime seems to put more pressure on us than any other time of year, the fact of the matter is that most women are working hard at achieving the body of their dreams all year long. One thing we've all had to come to grips with is the reality that as we age, weight just seems to take longer to fall off. We look with envy at Demi Moore and Christie Brinkley, who seem to be ageless, in spite of gaining years. They obviously have some secrets, besides not eating at McDonald's.

With A Little Help From Our Friends

Even though we are sticking with a healthy diet, working out regularly and doing everything we know how to do in order to hold age at bay, we all need a little help at times. This is where the right nutrients for your body come into play. There are nutrients available to us that work in particular ways to enhance weight loss (particularly fat loss), preserve muscle mass and regulate blood sugar and insulin. All of these factors are keys to a healthy, young body - no matter how many years you've chalked up. We may not look exactly like the movie stars do, but we can certainly age beautifully by using some of the same strategies they use.

Some of the Supplements That Work

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA), often called the universal antioxidant, is a natural anti-inflammatory that is found inside the energy producing part of our cells, called mitochondria. Our ability to metabolize food into energy is enhanced by ALA. Since it is both water and fat soluble, it is able to travel into all parts of the cell, enabling the cells to function better than ever.

DMAE is short for dimethylaminoethanol. This naturally occurring anti-inflammatory is found in fish and is important to the production of neurotransmitters - those little connectors that help our muscles and nerves communicate with one another. As a supplement, DMAE improves memory and problem-solving abilities, as well as increasing firmness and muscle tone - something we're really on the lookout for when it comes to losing weight.

The most abundant amino acid in our bodies is glutamine, which plays an important role in muscle function. It also helps to reduce muscle deterioration. Besides working to cause muscle growth, glutamine can also be converted into glucose for energy if it is needed. If the body is in a highly inflammatory state, it will break down muscle tissue to get the glutamine it needs to combat the inflammation. This can leave muscles weak and depleted.

By supplementing our diets with nutrients that will reduce inflammation and give us added protection for our cells, we can look and feel younger - no matter how old we are.

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