Increasing Your Chances of Becoming Pregnant

For some women getting pregnant is not a problem.  It seems that all they need to do is decide they want to have a baby, go off birth control (if they were taking the pill or using some other method) and voila! In a few months, or less, they are already expecting their baby. A woman like this is certainly blessed, especially if she wants to have many children close together in age. You may know some women like this, but rest assured there are many women who do not get pregnant with such ease, and it is perfectly normal. There are many factors that have to come together for a pregnancy to occur, and according to statistics there is only about a 20%-30% chance each month of becoming pregnant when birth control is not being practiced. It is quite normal for 12 months or more to pass after the cessation of the use of birth control before pregnancy takes place. It is suggested that a couple should try to conceive for at least 24 months before they consult a doctor about this issue.

Pregnancy Sex

Fertility experts suggest that lying down for at least five minutes after intercourse will help to insure that as many sperm as possible can flow easily to the egg.

Sperm Count

If there is any question or doubt about the potential father's sperm count, it can be helpful to refrain from intercourse for several days prior to ovulation. This helps to maximize the amount of sperm which will eventually be released. You should try to time things so that you engage in intercourse no more than two days before ovulation.

Conception Sex

On the other hand, if the man's sperm count is adequate, having relations at least every 48 hours for the five days preceding ovulation is recommended. This helps to ensure that when ovulation finally does take place, there will be a fresh supply of sperm in the fallopian tubes already  waiting there to fertilize the egg.

Who's First?

Researchers have shown that it can also improve the chances of becoming pregnant if the woman has her orgasm after the man. This is because during orgasm the tip of the uterus, the cervix, actually moves into and draws the semen into the uterus. This helps to move a larger amount of sperm into the fallopian tubes where fertilization takes place.

Trying To Get Pregnant? Increase Your Chances

Getting Pregnant-Just Relax!

Simply relaxing can increase the chances of getting pregnant. We have all heard stories of couples who have been trying to get pregnant for months. They decide to take a vacation to get away from the stress of "getting pregnant".  Well surprise, surprise, that little weekend to the mountains or beach was all it took for the miracle to finally occur.

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