Creating Healthy Sperm

Obviously, when writing about fertility and conception, all of the topics shouldn't focus on the woman.  This is, after all, a two person job.  The man, his fertility issues, and his sperm are just as integral a part of the process as are any other factors.  Therefore, it is very important to take a look at the issues that can influence a man's fertility and his sperm.

Sperm health has been estimated to account for about 75% of male fertility problems.  It's very important for men to take care of their sperm health to optimize their chances of helping their partner to conceive.

Smoking, Drugs and Drinking Affect Sperm

There are a number of ways to keep sperm healthy to increase fertility chances.  Don't smoke, do drugs, or drink heavily.  Smoking has been shown to cause sperm health issues.  Smoking damages sperm DNA and causes birth defects.  Since sperm take three months to fully develop, you should quit smoking at least three months before trying to conceive.  Drugs also impact sperm in a negative way, and alcohol can lead to impotence.  Try to drink less than two drinks a day.

Keep Your Weight Right For Healthy Sperm

Keep your weight healthy and your exercise regular.  If you have a BMI of lower than 20 or of greater than 25, research has shown that this can reduce the sperm count by as much as 22%!  Keep it in the middle and stay healthy!  Make sure, in addition, to have plenty of time in the sun.  The sun has been linked to increased testosterone, which helps to create a healthy sperm count. 

Heat and Sun Exposure and Sperm Health

While enjoying the sun, don't get overexposure to it.  When the testicles are overheated too often, it can reduce sperm health.  Men should not wear too many tight fitting pants or underwear and shouldn't take excessive hot baths.  It's important, as well, not to keep a laptop on your lap, but to always work with it at a table.

Stress and Relaxation on Sperm Production

Just as women are urged to reduce their stress when they want to conceive, men are urged to do so as well.  Stress definitely has a negative impact on sperm health.  Stress often decreases a man's sex drive and causes impotence.  Try to reduce your stress and relax more.  Exercise can help with this as well and can have the added benefit of relaxing you and keeping you in good health.  Herbal teas can sometimes help you to relax, and increase your fertility at the same time.  Gingko and Green Tea are both known to help with reproductive health.

Keep Your Libido Steady

Don't overdo your attempts to get pregnant.  Research has shown that men who ejaculate more than twice a day may decrease their fertility.  Sperm needs time to regenerate after ejaculation, so you need to give your body some time to produce a decent sperm count.  However, it is important to have regular intercourse and to keep your sperm rejuvenating. Sperm that isn't ejaculated does become less fertile and old, and you want to avoid this situation.

Consider these pointers to increase your chances of conceiving.  Both men and women have a part in this process and both partners have a responsibility to increase the odds of conception.  Have fun in the process and enjoy your journey towards parenthood!

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