Tools to Aid in Conception

It is certainly possible to get pregnant without ever taking your temperature, and without ever buying a single supply.  All of us hope that this will be the case for us.  If, however, it is harder than you thought to get pregnant, or you want to try to help your conception along, then there are a number of conception supplies and tools to have available and ready.  These conception tools won't guarantee conception, of course, but they can help you along the way.

Basal Body Thermometer

A thermometer allows you to chart your cycle and to have an idea of when you ovulate.  It may take you a few months to get the hang of how to chart your temperature and what to look for, but once you do it can be very helpful. There are many articles online and books that will help you to understand how to chart your temperature and how to try to conceive using your temperature as an indicator of your ovulation. 

Ovulation Tests

These tests are more expensive than a thermometer for charting your ovulation and are intended to help a woman to know when she is within 48 hours of ovulation.  While these tests can be helpful, they can also sometimes give false positives - and they cost a good deal of money.  Using a basal body thermometer is a more steady, accurate and inexpensive way to go.

Fertility Monitors

This is similar to an ovulation test in that it predicts when you will ovulate.  The less expensive tests tend to predict three to four days in advance and the more expensive ones predict ovulation five to seven days beforehand.  There are many different kinds of fertility monitors - some use urine, others use saliva and still others use cervical fluid.  You'll need to figure out which type works for you based on how much you are willing to spend and what method you prefer.

Pregnancy Tests

These tests are helpful to let you know if you've been able to conceive.  These tests range in price a great deal as well - and some of them will tell you earlier than others if you test positive for conception.  The problem with pregnancy tests is that they can make you anxious.  Some women have a hard time keeping them in the house without using them, and this can create false hopes and anxiety.

These are a few of the tools that can help you with the process of conception.  It is certainly possible to try to get pregnant without any of these supplies, and it's probably recommended to allow nature to try to take its course for awhile before you go crazy charting your ovulation and using a fertility monitor.  However, should you run into problems, or you really want to become pregnant at a certain time of the year, then these tools can help you on your way to pregnancy.


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