Most women have a love/hate relationship with their bodies. Finding flaws and obsessing over them sometimes seems a national female pastime. We worry about cellulite, we think our breasts are much too small, and we freak at the thought that a man may see our stretch marks. Yet the experts keep telling us we need to love our bodies and make the most of them.

The experts are right: we all need to make the best of our natural assets and look the best we can. Feeling good about the way you look is the smartest fashion accessory you can have. When you are confident about your appearance, you radiate a positive attitude that makes those around you want to watch your every move.

Dimply Thighs

Feeling good and accepting your body may be the first, general step in looking attractive, but the specifics deserve attention, too. Take cellulite, for instance. It makes your skin dimple in an ugly way. Cellulite can make you yearn for old fashioned bathing costumes that cover up cottage cheese thighs. But we show you how you can improve the appearance of cellulite. We also tell you about treatments like thalassotherapy that can not only reduce those patches of cellulite, but help you to keep your skin in glowing health.

Stretch marks are another common occurrence that women suffer after childbirth or after gaining a lot of weight. You can't help wondering if those marks will ever go away. Meantime, you dread the beach and the bedroom. What can be done to improve the appearance of these unattractive marks? Don't despair: we tell you just how to make those marks fade away into the sunset.

Bigger Breasts

Our dissatisfaction with our bodies is not just about dimply cellulite and silvery stretch mark streaks, though. We also find fault with our natural attributes. Some women hate the shape of their breasts, or wish they were bigger. You may not be ready to have breast augmentation surgery but are hoping for a less drastic solution. You've come to the right place. We give you fashion tips on how to make the most of your figure. This includes information on how to buy the right bra to suit your body shape. Any excuse for shopping is valid, right?

Most women yearn to spend time at a luxurious spa where they can be pampered with a variety of beauty treatments. But spa treatments may not be in your budget. We tell you how to get the experience of spa treatments without emptying the contents of your bank account. Most of these treatments can be done in the comfort of your own home. The benefits are glowing skin, and a more relaxed you.

Last but not least, we give frank information about a little known problem called dysmorphic disorder. While most women can find something about their bodies that can be used as fodder for complaining, the dysmorphic woman has an obsession with her flaws to the point of mental illness. We teach you how to spot signs of dysmorphic disorder and how you can get help.

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