In A Position To Conceive

People have been wondering about the pros and cons of sex positions since time began. Is there a position that can help a woman to conceive? We have never had a definitive answer to that question. Until now, that is…

A study on the subject of artificial insemination (AI) suggests that women who stay on their backs for a quarter of an hour following insemination have higher conception success rates. This being the case, wouldn't it be logical to have women with fertility issues lay on their backs after regular old baby-making sex, too?

Gravity's Effects

Some three decades ago, two American researchers, Shettles and Rorvik, posited that the gravity can have a positive or negative effect on the journey of the sperm to the egg.  The researchers concluded that women should remain on their backs after intercourse in order to lend assistance to the sperm as they travel to the egg.

However, most experts have decided that sex positions don't make much of a difference in conception rates. They believe that sperm can get at the egg no matter what position the couple assumes. Even having sex while standing up won't deter sperm from getting where they need to go.

On the other hand, if a woman is having trouble getting pregnant, it can't hurt for her to use gravity's special qualities to--excuse the pun--egg on the process. This may help explain what was observed during the study on artificial insemination. Sperm are very persevering, but in the case where a bit of help is needed, it can't hurt to enlist the help of gravity.

Retroverted Uterus

Any woman can run (er…make that lay down) with this information and use it to help her get pregnant. Avoid the woman-on-top position. Some women have a normal physiological variation in their anatomy called a retroverted uterus in which the uterus is tilted in the direction of a woman's back instead of tipping forward. If you know you have a retroverted uterus, you can use gravity to conceive by having sex in the doggy position. This position will place sperm right at the uterus' entrance.

You can speed things even more by placing a pillow beneath your hips after intercourse as a prop for your pelvis. Fifteen or twenty minutes are long enough for hip propping to do its thing. It's not necessary to keep your legs in the air. Cover the pillow with an absorbent towel to help keep the pillow clean.

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