How to Straighten Your Hair

It's human nature to want something you're not born with when it comes to the looks department. We all want to change our looks from time to time. Those with straight hair want curly hair and those with wavy or curly hair want straight hair. And we'll do almost anything to get that that look.

There is a right way and a wrong way to create a beautiful head of shiny, sleek straight hair. Do it the wrong way and you'll end up destroying your locks or simply having an unattractive frizzy head.

The Brush and Blow Dryer Method

Chemical bonds in hair fiber proteins and water content in hair can cause it to curl up. It's possible to break these bonds with the heat of a blow dryer and a flat, square brush. But this method doesn't work on very curly hair and hair also tends to frizz in humid weather. If choosing this method, it's important to choose a quality hair dryer that kicks out a lot of heat and has an attachment to funnel all the heat to a very small section of hair at a time. Use a large, flat square brush with rubber-tipped metal bristles in a cushioned base.

The Straightening Iron

A flat iron can be used to straighten hair after combing it. This works well on all types of hair from slightly wavy to ultra curly. Resist the temptation to use the straightening iron to dry and straighten your hair at the same time. It's highly damaging since you're basically steam cooking your hair. It also doesn't do as good a job at straightening.

If you have very curly hair, blow dry it straight first. Then use the flat iron to smooth the rest of the hair. Apply a hair serum, like Super Skinny, to your wet hair before you blow dry it. This will make it dry faster and reduce the amount of flyaways. Apply a small amount more to your hair before the straightening process to smooth and condition the strands so they look healthy and shiny when you're finished.

Flat Iron Tips

It's crucial to invest in a salon quality straightening iron to make sure it produces enough heat to straighten the hair with one swipe. Do not repeatedly go over a section of hair to try to straighten it since this will only make it frizz.

Pin your hair up first in sections and straighten each section at a time. Work from the bottom up. After you've finished straightening your hair, you can use a penny-sized dollop of serum over the surface of your hair to make it look super smooth and shiny.


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