Easy Solutions for Some Infertility Problems

A couple finally decides that they are ready to have children. They go off birth control, buy a calendar,  take basal body temperature and check cervical mucus until they can predict to the nanosecond the moment of ovulation. Months go by and pregnancy does not occur. Could it be that there is an infertility problem here? Before running to the doctor, it is worthwhile to first make sure the basic, easily solved problems are dealt with.

Too Simple to be True!

Is the couple using some kind of vaginal lubricant or cream during sexual relations? Sometimes these creams can be lethal to sperm. If the lubricant is harmful, then the sperm count will decrease- lowering the chances of fertilization from taking place.

Believe it or not, something as simple as tight underwear can cause infertility. How so? If the underpants are pushing too hard on the scrotum, the testacles will be pushed too close to the body. This elevates the temperature of the testes, reducing the sperm count. Sperm need a cooler environment than normal body temperature, which is why they are stored in a sac outside the body. Buy boxers and see if that helps.

Stay Natural, Stay Healthy

Drugs, alcohol, smoking, and other medications can interfere with fertility in both men and women. Poor nutrition, starvation diets, anorexia or over-exercise in the woman can make her infertile. Lack of body fat causes infertility, either by interfering with her monthly menstrual cycle or inhibiting ovulation from occurring at the right time of the month. Sometimes ovulation ceases altogether. In this case, although it is clear what is causing the infertility, it might not be so easy to change these unhealthy habits. Support and even a doctor's care might be needed.

One Last Suggestion

After intercourse it might be beneficial to place a pillow under the woman's hips. This lifts her pelvis a bit to help the flow of semen into the uterus. Fertility has been shown to increase by limiting the amount of sperm that spills away from where it needs to go.

Reduce Stress

It almost goes without saying that stress can be a major factor in interfering with a couple's ability to become pregnant. As the months pass by and pregnancy has not occurred, the pressure to finally "get pregnant" increases. It is almost impossible to reduce stress just because you want to, without actively pursuing stress reducing behaviors. Meditation, exercise, stress reduction techniques such as deep breathing and visualizations can all help get you closer to your goal. These life skills will also come in handy when its time to take your childbirth preparation class!

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