Pregnancy Week 35

Nearing The End Of Pregnancy

At week 35, your baby is still packing on the pounds and his suckle reflexes are well developed by now. He is still working on fully developing his lungs, which may require a bit more finishing time. Research indicates that baby girls have a quicker maturation period for their lungs than boys, which would explain why baby girls born prematurely at week 35 have less difficulty than baby boys do. If your baby were to be born now, apart from a short stay in the hospital to monitor baby's oxygen intake and growth, he would do well and recover quickly. At more than five pounds, his chances are excellent.

If you are considering getting your baby's nursery ready at this time we recommend checking out this article on painting safety before you get started.

Grab Hold Of Those Thoughts And Moods

Your uterus, at pregnancy week 35, is six inches above your navel! You may have gained close to 30 pounds during these 35 weeks. You also may notice that you are having more mood swings and you are beginning to worry most of the time. If this is your first pregnancy, then labor and delivery may be consuming your thoughts. You and your partner may be fretting over whether you can parent adequately. The good news is you will be fine. Babies have been coming into the world for millennia and you will find that your natural instinct will direct you.

You may find your mood swings are wild and your thoughts run out-of-control. Communication is a key factor in taking control of your mood and your mind. Talk with your partner about what you are feeling. It helps you relax and by keeping the lines of communication open, you will have opportunity to share your thoughts and concerns over the pending changes in your lives.

Pregnancy Massage Those Cares Away

Another way to relax is by having regular massages. Massage is very beneficial for pain relief; it helps reduce swelling, discomfort, and fatigue. Many therapists offer prenatal massage for expectant mothers and many chiropractors offer prenatal treatments and massages as well. Make sure the massage therapist is trained in prenatal massage. Some studies suggest that certain types of massage stimulate trigger points that initiate labor. You are not quite ready for that, however, in another three to five weeks, it won't matter whether labor is triggered or not.

Will This Be A Family Affair? Your Birthing Plan

If you have been working on a birthing plan, you may be considering such things as who you would like to have in the delivery room with you. Some couples prefer to have an intimate delivery, just the two of them and the doctor. Others want the family involved. The decision is yours, and it is important that you stick with your own decision. Your health care providers will do everything they can to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

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