Pregnancy Week Ten

When you reach the 10th week of your pregnancy you're around half way through your third month and approaching the "final lap" of the first trimester. During this period, your baby's important organs are beginning to develop, including his brain and spinal cord. This is the time when his heart starts to beat and his arms and legs, fingers and toes and even eyelids are being formed. For more details on your baby's development at the beginning of the third month, check out our information on pregnancy in week nine. Our section on pregnancy in week 12 will tell you how things should stand at the end of the first trimester, and which tests you should have done before you move into the second trimester.

How You're Feeling In Your 10th Pregnancy Week

If you've been suffering from morning sickness you can take comfort in the fact that the end of the first trimester is in sight. Many pregnant women find that the second trimester (approximately weeks 12 to 26) marks the end of their nausea and upset stomach and the beginning of a more comfortable and calm stage of the pregnancy. In the 10th week you may find that the pregnancy symptoms you had in earlier weeks (for example, breast tenderness and tiredness) continue as they were. All pregnant women are different and you may find that some symptoms become more intense while others begin to fade. You may even find that new symptoms appear. If any of your pregnancy symptoms are really bothering you, contact your doctor. In the meantime, you are basically playing a waiting game - nearing the end of the first stage, but not quite ready for the second stage to begin. This is a good time to discuss a sensitive issue which affects many women in the first trimester...

Pregnancy Sex

If you have any worries about having sex in week 10, or any other week of your pregnancy, you should consult your obstetrician. For many pregnant women, the main sexual problem they have in the 10th week of pregnancy, and indeed throughout the first trimester, is a lack of interest. At this stage of the pregnancy, it's very normal to feel too exhausted and indeed too nauseous to even consider having sex. Your hormones are working overtime and this may turn you right off. Of course, all women are different and some pregnant women enjoy sex during the first trimester.

You may feel under pressure at this stage to have sex, particularly as your partner may view these early months of pregnancy as your last chance to really enjoy sex before things become a bit more cumbersome and difficult later on. It's really important that you explain to him how you're feeling and make sure he understands that you haven't gone off him. Encouraging him to read up a bit on pregnancy may help him to sympathize more with what you are going through.

Second Trimester Sex

As with morning sickness, some (but not all) women find that they get some relief from the lack of sex drive during the second trimester. In fact, some pregnant women have reported enjoying sex more than ever during the second stage of pregnancy. This may be because the increased blood flow in the lower body increases a pregnant woman's ability to reach orgasm. So, take heart, you're in week 10, and you only have around three weeks to go until the second trimester begins!


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