Pregnancy Week 31

At pregnancy week 31 baby is now a foot and a half long and weighs around 3.5 pounds. He keeps gaining weight and accumulating layers of fat under his skin each week. His tiny arms and legs and his little body are filling out and looking less wrinkled.

Baby's Movements

As space in your womb decreases you feel less and less comfortable with each passing day. Baby's movements seem more deliberate and although they are very strong, they are less sporadic and dramatic now. You will be surprised at just how strong this little person is as a sudden kick may send you into orbit. It is wise to continue monitoring movement, noting the rise and fall of activity. Be alert to any sudden change in movement, an increase, or decrease of any significance. Call your doctor immediately if you are concerned about baby's movement.

I Can Hardly Breathe! Pregnancy Fatigue

Your uterus is 4.5 inches above your belly button, which sometimes makes taking a deep breath nearly impossible. Remember to take it easy now as your body grows more in the coming days. If you've been working out regularly, then you may find that a lighter workout will help you to feel less fatigued and much stronger. Prenatal yoga and stretching are excellent activities to engage in now. Both help to prepare the body for labor as muscles are strengthened and lengthened. Yoga helps to relax muscles and improve breathing-both of which are great aids in labor and delivery.

Oops, I've Sprung A Leak: Colostrum

In these weeks before delivery, you may notice your breasts are leaking. Colostrum, the pre-milk formed in your breasts to nourish your newborn during the first few days of life, can begin leaking before the birth of the baby. It can be clear or slightly tinged yellow or even orange, depending upon several factors. This is nothing to be concerned about, many women leak colostrum long before their baby is born. Colostrum is particularly beneficial for pre-term babies. It is rich in antibodies and nutrients that help protect a newborn baby from infection and other complications that may arise in the first few weeks of life.

If you do leak colostrum, the simplest thing to do is buy nursing pads to prevent leaking through your clothing. Be optimistic. Leaking is a good sign. It means you are prepared and ready to nurse and nourish your newborn baby as soon as he arrives. What greater gift to give your baby than the nutrient dense protection of colostrum in the first days of life outside the womb.

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