What to Expect from the Second Pregnancy

It Happened So Fast-Second Pregnancy

Wow, here you are, almost through your second pregnancy and you haven't even had time to think about it. Remember the first one? You were so excited. Every moment that wasn't taken up with work or things you had to do was spent thinking about the new life being created in your womb. You thought about who this little person was becoming, how your family would grow, what he would be like, how you and your partner would cope with different things. Then he was born and you spent the next many months growing with him. Now, you're pregnant again and things are quite different this time.

Things May Be Different For The Second Pregnancy

If your first pregnancy was straightforward and easy, then you are likely feeling quite calm and relaxed about this second birth. If the first pregnancy was less than smooth, you may be feeling some anxiety and a little fear - perhaps thinking you may have to relive what you previously went though. Second pregnancies do have special challenges, especially if you already have a very young child at home. You may be more tired than usual and might even feel you're not taking care of your toddler the way you should - at the same time, you're not focused on your new baby either.

Most Moms find that the second pregnancy passes before they even realize it's gone and there hasn't really been time to prepare emotionally for this new arrival. Every pregnancy is unique - both emotionally and physically. Take care of yourself. It can be challenging with a toddler in tow, but it is really important.

Take Time for You During Pregnancy

Be sure to get enough exercise. Go for a walk with your toddler, push him in his stroller or do some simply pregnancy exercises and have him join you on the floor. Be sure you are eating regularly and if preparing food is a difficult task for you, make sure you have lots of easy to prepare meals that are both fast and healthy. Pasta, fresh fruit and veggies, salads and low fat proteins are important for your daily nourishment and for your new baby's development. If you don't eat, you will likely find you tire much more easily - and your new baby will draw from whatever stores you have in your body in order to be sustained.

Unless You Believe in Housework Fairies, Your Housework Will Wait for You-Pregnancy Rest

Housework is something that can often be left until you feel up to it. If you're all about a spic-and-span house, it may be you'll have to lay that down for a while. Focus upon and do one thing especially for your new baby every day. Relaxing and doing some deep breathing exercises as you focus your attention upon the new person coming to live at your house can take you from being up tight and anxious to being calm and welcoming. Think about how he's growing inside of you and how wonderful it will be to have him in your arms.

Preparing for the "next" child can be derailed when you already have a toddler or two. Take some time to connect with this new baby - you will be glad you did.

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